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I am here to educate, motivate, encourage and inspire you to improve your life through physical fitness.
You are only one workout away from feeling better about yourself.

Pelin Baruonu

is a NASM-certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist based in New York City. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration (Bogazici University / Istanbul - Turkey) and a Master’s Degree in International Marketing (Baruch College - Zicklin School of Business / New York), Pelin worked as a Real Estate Broker at William B. May Company for seven years before she decided to pursue a career in fitness. A recreational athlete her whole life, she found her true passion for exercise after becoming a mother to her sons. Struggling to find the energy to work out on her own, Pelin decided to join the New York Road Runners (NYRR) for some much-needed motivation, and it forever changed her life. Each mile she ran helped her get stronger and gain more confidence. Discovering the physical, emotional and mental rewards of running was the catalyst that sparked Pelin’s passion for fitness and inspired her to change her career path.

Fitness Wake-up Call:

Several short races and one half-marathon later, Pelin was diagnosed with Iliotibial Band (IT-band) Syndrome - a common knee injury among runners. Being sidelined for several weeks made her realize that she wanted to learn more about how to train herself properly to be a better runner and a stronger athlete. She enrolled to The American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT) and earned her Personal Training Certification after 260+ hours of academic study and practical hands-on training with a deep understanding of human anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, fitness assessment, kinesiology, training adaptations and exercise prescriptions that far exceeded the current standards in the fitness industry.

More about Pelin-Turning Passion into a Profession

" Every Journey Begins With a Single Step;
But You'll Never Finish If You Don't Start "


Strength Training

A series of exercises with free weights, your body weight, machines, medicine balls and resistance tubes, Pelin’s Strength Training sessions are designed to build muscle strength, increase lean muscle mass, improve stamina and help you burn more calories efficiently. A key component of your overall health and fitness, strength training will also help you reduce the risk of osteoporosis by increasing your bone mineral density (BMD) and developing stronger bones.

Weight Loss

Pelin’s Weight-Loss Workout Program is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training designed to maximize fat loss. By incorporating short bursts of moderate and high intensity exercises (High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT) into your strength training program, Pelin’s goal is to optimize calorie expenditure and promote fat burn by boosting your metabolism.


As a mother of two, Pelin understands the unique challenges of pregnancy and postpartum. For years, she has been helping moms all over New York stay fit and active throughout their pregnancy, embrace the changes in their bodies, prepare for labor and delivery, and return safely to traditional exercise after giving birth. Prenatal exercise will have a significant impact on how easily you’ll lose weight after the baby is born. Also, your good muscle tone and improved stamina will help you have a much easier time during labor.

Corrective Exercise

With Pelin’s custom-designed Corrective Exercise Training, you can reverse the effects of lifelong repetitive/habitual movements or a past injury/surgery that altered your movement patterns and left you with limited functional capacity. After identifying your muscle imbalances through an assessment, Pelin will design you a Corrective Exercises Program that will lengthen your overactive/tight muscles while strengthening your underactive muscles, which will help you correct your postural imbalances, improve your functional capacity and prevent injury.

" Your body can do it. It is your mind you have to convince "


“Working out with Pelin was a game changer for me. I went from a post-pregnancy rut to feeling strong and having more energy. Pelin believed in me and my abilities even when I didn't. It is because of her that I stopped shying away from physical challenges and trained for one of my greatest physical accomplishments - a half marathon.”

- Anupa Shah Wijaya

“I have had the privilege of training with Pelin for over four years and find her dedication and professionalism to be very inspirational. Pelin takes great care in personalizing her sessions to meet the goals of each client. She always wants her clients to feel confident in their fitness environments so that visits to the gym in between training sessions can feel less intimidating. 

Working out with Pelin has become an important part of my weekly fitness routine. As I've added vinyasa yoga, martial arts, and dance to my activities, the strength training and overall conditioning I do with Pelin has significantly helped me reach my fitness goals. I am much stronger and have better muscle definition due to the work we do together. She makes adjustments either around injuries or areas I may need to improve upon so that all physical activities I am doing are met with the correct form and proper approach. She is very helpful in helping the client visualize which muscle groups are being worked and how they fit into the larger plan of total body conditioning.

Training with Pelin has not only increased my strength and performance, but also makes me look forward to going to the gym!”

- Dena McCoy

“I am forever grateful to Pelin for turning my biological clock back at least ten years, and to my cardiologist who recommended her to me. Through Pelin’s tailored exercise program, I have been able to regain the strength and agility I thought I had lost due to a decade of curtailed activity. I especially appreciated the way in which she was able to work at a pace that was appropriate for me.”

- Solomon Magid

“Shortly after giving birth to my first child, I started training with Pelin. Her custom-designed workout routines helped me restore my abdominal wall, lose the baby weight and gain the strength and energy that I needed to meet the demands of motherhood. Pelin is a very smart and sensitive trainer who adapts the workout to her client’s needs. She is also a lot of fun!  I have known Pelin now for almost 5 years, and I am forever thankful to her for helping me overcome my personal limitations when it comes to strength training and cardiovascular activity. She sat me on a path to greater health and better posture.”

- Begum Taft

“I started training with Pelin almost five years ago. I was embarrassed by how out of shape I was, and afraid a trainer would scoff at my low muscle tone. I was surprised at how supportive and encouraging Pelin was of me. We set realistic goals together and worked hard to meet them. She is not one of those trainers that stands around talking while you work out. She is right there next to you going through every rep with you. Pelin is great at pushing you to your limits and helping you realize your true potential. Whenever you feel like giving up, she is right there to support and praise you. My body went from postpartum mush to a much leaner, toned version of my younger self! My body has never looked better; but more importantly, I feel strong and confident. Her knowledge of the human body really helped me get through some recurrent knee issues. Her tailor-designed workouts to specifically strengthen the muscles that support the knees saved me from years of physical therapy. Her routines were never boring as she constantly amends them as you reach new goals. Over the years, Pelin has become more of a friend than just a trainer.”

- Christina Cenname

"I have always been an avid gym goer. I enjoy exercising and find that I need someone to push me to work even harder. I trained with Pelin for about four years; and she helped me with strengthening my core, improving my balance, correcting my posture, and gaining greater strength and overall ability. It was easy to communicate with Pelin and she was a great listener. I told her of my goals, and we stuck to them and even more. I found that Pelin went above and beyond for me. The perfect example is when I mentioned her during our first session that I had rounded shoulders, she had prepared for me - to my surprise - a printout of various stretching exercises that I could do at home and brought this to the next session. Wow! Pelin was a focused trainer, knowledgeable, punctual, reliable and professional. I have worked with a few trainers and Pelin is my favorite. I would book an hour with Pelin and we would work together for that complete hour. My body was in the best shape when I worked with her and I look forward to moving back to New York next year to start again."

- Denise Nash

“Working out with Pelin was a pleasure.  She pushed me to my limit every session; but managed to keep the sessions interesting and fun.  The exercises varied from session to session, so the workout never got boring. She showed me a lot of exercises that required little or no equipment so that I could do them at home on days we didn't meet.”

- Florina Klingbaum

" Sweat. Smile. Repeat. Excuses Don't Burn Calories. "


American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT) Graduate
AAPT is licensed by NYS Department of Education and accredited internationally by IACET
(International Association for Continuing Education and Training ) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

Personal Training Certification - National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT-NASM

Corrective Exercise Techniques Certification - National Academy of Sports Medicine, CES-NASM

Weight Loss Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine, WLS-NASM

Prenatal and Postpartum Training Certification – Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) & Annette Lang Education Systems

CPR & AED Certification - American Heart Association

Continuing Ed:

Training an Aging Population - American Academy of Personal Training, AAPT

Home-Based Personal Training - American Academy of Personal Training, AAPT

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